13 March 2009

Thin Lizzy

The finest point in the evolution of music videos was early on when the short features shifted from a mock-live setting to something more directorially creative. Today we see music videos taken into a whole new faction of media, whereby videos tell a completely different story than the song itself or serve as a platform for showing off graphic design skills. The early 80's were a simpler time in the production of music videos, when the video served to enhance the meaning of the song through simple narratives.

Many bands that I cherish had fallen by the qualitative wayside by the time videos were becoming an artform. Not Thin Lizzy, though. They managed to put out some gems in that time period. It's hard for me to say what my favorite Thin Lizzy album is, but 1979's Black Rose probably gets the most spins.

The song "Sarah" was released as the third single off the album and is probably the poppiest hit Thin Lizzy ever put out. The song was written for Phil Lynott's daughter, and the video shows Sarah growing up before his very eyes and into a woman, then a Scott Gorham.