12 March 2009

Bill Callahan/Smog

Make no bones about it: I love Bill Callahan. He's hands-down my favorite solo artist and easily in my top five favorite musical entities. So the good news is that the forthcoming "Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle" is coming out in little over a month and today Stereogum has reported on the progress of said album.

For a couple weeks now I've been meaning to share the "Rock Bottom Riser EP" but am just getting to it now. It was the last release under the Smog moniker before he shed the shackles of Shmog-ery to become eponymous. The EP came out a year after "A River Ain't Too Much to Love" and features two album cuts ("Rock Bottom Riser" and "I Feel Like the Mother of the World") and two non-album cuts ("Bowery" and "Fool's Lament"). These latter two sewed the seeds for what was to become the country amblings of "Woke on a Whaleheart." The CD also contains videos for the album tracks, one of which features the big love of Chloe Sevigny and can be seen here:

EDIT: Link removed upon request- go out and buy it you filthy animals!
Rock Bottom Riser
1) Rock Bottom Riser
2) I Feel Like the Mother of the World
3) Bowery
4) Fool's Lament


Anonymous said...


I'm writing from Drag City Records in Chicago.

Can you PLEASE remove the Bill Callahan / Smog downloads from your blog?

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Cole said...

Done and done.