06 March 2009


Nine years since their dissolution and Pavement continue to make headlines. Way to go guys. Just reunite already.

In 1999, just a month prior to Terror Twilight's release, the band performed on the BBC. Their set featured more than one, but less than six songs off Terror Twilight as well as a smattering of older songs. Packaged with three extra cuts from their set at the Glastonbury Festival that year, the album has been circulating as "Anybody Can Go." The sound on this bootleg is nothing if not stellar, which is certainly a relief from all the crappy video and audio clips from people's phones and cameras that get passed off as recordings these days.

Live Pavement is great because it straddles a line between "Awesome!" and "What the fuck?" Enjoy the demon voices and cooing on "Stereo."

Pavement - Anybody Can Go

1) The Hexx
2) You Are a Light
3) Here
4) Cream of Gold
5) Ann, Don't Cry
6) Stereo
7) Father to a Sister of Thought
8) Carrot Rope
9) Cut Your Hair
10) Trigger Cut
11) Shady Lane
12) Stereo
13) Range Life
14) Summer Babe