17 March 2009

Richard Youngs

Last night, I briefly mentioned the influence of Bert Jansch on British folk musicians. One such apprentice is Richard Youngs. Calling him a folk musician, however, would be greatly dwarfing Youngs' indulgences in a slew of genres, from experimental, raga, and noise freakouts to simpler folk and electronic works. My introduction to him was 2005's Naive Shaman, a body of amorphous and pulsing electronic sounds to complement his floating melodies. His voice is not unlike Jeff Mangum's (of Neutral Milk Hotel) at his most content, though traces of Jansch and Tim Buckley come through as well.

I was originally intending to post a song off Naive Shaman, but I've decided to keep with the folk theme of last night's post and go with a song called "Trees That Fall" off the 2002 album May. We're coming into autumn here. The air is cooling and getting a little crisper, and some folk tunes only seem appropriate for such weather. Of course, it would make sense for me to post something off his 2007 album Autumn Response, but, well, I can't, because I don't own it.

I will eventually get to some of his more experimental works another time, but for now, bask in the pastoral comforts of this song.

Richard Youngs - Trees That Fall