23 March 2009

Still Flyin'

Still Flyin' should be given honorary Australian residency. They've toured the country twice in two years, they're friends with Architecture in Helsinki, recorded their debut long-player here, and have already released the album in Australia, while all those chumps in the US and Europe have to wait another month to get their hands on it.

Still Flyin' are known to party hearty. They're a fun band, plain and simple, and all of that excitement and life-affirming attitude is put into their music (along with a bunch of slang that I don't fully understand- "hammjamm"?). They don't sing about the tribulations, they sing about the party bus. It's kind of like a mix between Vampire Weekend and Architecture in Helsinki, with the collective properties of Broken Social Scene.

I should mention that the main dude's voice turned me off a little when I first listened to their recorded music, but this band has tons of people singing in it, and the energy and catchiness of it all are well-worth listening to, even if the dude isn't always pitch-perfect. And as I previously mentioned, they put on an insanely entertaining live show.

Here's a track off the forthcoming Never Gonna Touch the Ground. Even if you don't pick up this album, don't miss them live. Fun as hell.

Still Flyin' - The Hottchord is Struck