12 March 2009


The new Superchunk EP, to be released April 7th, the year of our lord 2009, is currently available for streaming pleasure from Merge Rekkids.

It's been quite a long while since Superchunk has released anything proper, though Mac "the Knife" McCaughan has been at it with that other Superchunk-sounding project Portastatic and drummer Jon Wurster is also in that Mountain Goats band and, as always, making his patented phony phone calls on The Best Show.

Whenever I listen to Superchunk, it gives me a false sense of nostalgia for high school, even though I had never heard of either band while I was actually in high school. It just sounds like stuff I listened to in high school. In fact, I used to think Superchunk, and not Supergrass, were responsible for that "Alright" song off the Clueless soundtrack. Those were confusing times.