15 March 2009

Go-Betweens video

It's largely a video weekend here at the Regular Express, mostly due to me working a whole bunch the last couple of days. Time constraints, my friend.

Within this large coastal country, a band that gets very little recognition is the Go-Betweens. All the classic Australian bands get played on the radio constantly, and a lot of talentless contemporary bands are praised as a lot more permanent than the fleeting hot garbage that they are. But never do I hear Go-Betweens songs on the radio. I never hear other bands mention them as an influence, and they repeatedly go unmentioned on lists of important Aussie bands.

So I'm righting the wrongs of the world, one band at a time. This is the video for "Was There Anything I Could Do?" from the 1988 album 16 Lovers Lane, which is chalk full of goodies. This video is poking fun at other 80's videos, and is alternatively funny and horrifyingly gaudy.

And in case you can't handle Robert Forster's rouge, here's the track sans video:

The Go-Betweens - Was There Anything I Could Do?