27 April 2009


Wassup? I'm all settled in at the new place. I've been getting my education and gardening on, but now that we've got the internet up and running I have something to distract me.

Rick Froberg has been at it for a while now, first with Drive Like Jehu, then with Hot Snakes, and now back with Obits. John "Speedo" Reis and Froberg parted ways after an Australian Hot Snakes tour in 2005, and last year Reis' new outfit the Night Marchers released their debut album. Now it's Froberg's turn, as Obits released I Blame You in March on Sub Pop.

Prior to this release, Obits released a 7" with a song called "One Cross Apiece". The music is less aggressive than that of his former bands, but it's got a style all its own. Judging from this track, the band is more focused on melody (albeit still obsessed with Wipers-style guitar riffs) and less on charging through tracks with gritted teeth and bloody knuckles. But just like Hot Snakes, this band does their own ass-kicking. They just use swagger instead of fury to achieve it.

Obits - Once Cross Apiece

08 April 2009

Taking a breather

Dear friends,

I just want to let you all know that The Regular Express won't be updated regularly (or expressly) for a few weeks. The main reasons are school assignments and moving houses, both of which are very good and productive activities. Since this blog is neither of those things, it has been bumped down on my list of priorities while I straighten out all the chaos.

Don't fear, I have many good and bad things to share. For now, enjoy this old clip of Australian-turned California post-punker-turned world's funniest comedian, Neeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiill Ham-burg-er!

06 April 2009


Boys and girls, get out your rally caps, sunflower seeds and your lucky Shawon Dunston Fleer rookie card. It's time. Starting tomorrow, housewives will start complaining about their Maury Povich being interrupted, vomit will readily appear on Lakeview sidewalks, and all the Jewish suburban diehards and fairweather fans alike will flock to Wrigley Field in a deep blue sea of disorderliness. Get ready for a season of dingers and disappointment, overpriced peanuts, and bad middle relief pitching!

The annoying sounds of Ronnie Woo Woo! (no relation to Bubb Rubb)
The mumbling curses of Ron Santo!
B-list celebrities singing the 7th Inning Stretch off-key (and 40,000 drunk morons doing the same, only a half second behind said celebrity)!

Let's GoooOOOOOO Cubbies!

The Mountain Goats - Cubs in Five

04 April 2009


Next week sees the release of Score! 20 Years of Merge Records. Much of the music on this label compilation is written by bands of years past, covered by bands of years present. There's plenty to get your mouth watering, with covers by Bill Callahan, Ted Leo, Broken Social Scene, Death Cab, etc. Hot shit indie bands. Now for pre-teens and parents alike!

The song I want to post this evening is a Shins cover of a Tenement Halls song called "Plenty Is Never Enough." I had never heard this song or the Tenement Halls before this release, but if I may judge a song by its cover, then I think the original is worth checking out (and since I'm posting the original video below, you don't have to put in much effort to do so). This is the first Shins release since their last long-player (as far as I know), and it comes out like much of their poppier work (think "Phantom Limb" or their cover of "We Will Become Silhouettes"). It's like a stroll in the park, rolling pastures and ladies in sundresses.

The Shins - Plenty Is Never Enough

As for the original version, it's urgent without the angst. Right up my alley.

02 April 2009

Gang Starr/Big L

I'm not the biggest expert on hip-hop, but I've always really liked Gang Starr (as well as the other solo and collaborative works of Guru and DJ Premier). Hard to Earn has staying power.

There's this track that I've always been really into by them. It's called "Work," off Moment of Truth. It may have been the first song I heard by them, I can't really remember. It just evokes memories of watching skate videos in my friend's basement after high school.
There are two versions of the song- the album release, and then another (sometimes referred to as a remix, which it is not, and sometimes as part 2) with a verse from the late Big L. In my opinion, a little Big L (get it?--------------------->) is never a bad thing. So hostile. He only released two albums before he was killed. I don't know if I've ever heard the first one, but The Big Picture has some great songs on it- Ebonics, Flamboyant, Holdin' It Down, Platinum Plus (produced by DJ Premier)...

I'm not sure where the part 2 version was released, but here it is, for your listening pleasure.

Gang Starr feat. Big L - Work Pt. 2

And also a Big L track from The Big Picture.

Big L - Holdin' It Down