19 February 2009

Lifter Puller

Since my last post was largely about guitar-heavy bands, I thought I'd stay on the rock tip for this one.

Seeing the Hold Steady a couple weeks ago has got me thinking about how fortuitous the music industry can be.  Considering the previous Craig Finn incarnation, Lifter Puller, was essentially the same band making essentially the same music, why is it that they got absolutely no press whereas the Hold Steady have been cult darlings since their inception?  

My conclusions:
1) Internet
2) Pitchfork
3) Hype
4) Internet-generated pitchfork hype

Fortunately they're a band that's worthy of the hype of 1000 Taylor Swifts, so it's all good.

I've really enjoyed this Lifter Puller song for a few years and wanted to share it.  It's only available on the Soft Rock album, which compiles every recording of Lifter Puller's art-scene-cock-rock ever made, with the exception of Fiestas + Fiascos (which I may post some day if you're lucky).  It's also out of print and way overpriced.


Anonymous said...

Fucking post it!