18 February 2009

Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords is #2 in terms of TV comedy for me(30 Rock is firmly secured in the top spot).  The writing is superb, the songs are really well done, and there are plenty of cameos by some really great (and not so great) comedians (Toddy Barry, Jim Gaffigan, Dmitiri Martin, Arj Barker, and Eugene Mirman, plus a spot by Daryl "Private Eyes" Hall).

One aspect of the show that I really enjoy is the way they make fun of Australians.  I don't know that they're even making fun of Australians as much as they're mocking the Australian stereotype.  I think the Australian stereotype is akin to the American stereotype of mulletted rednecks waving Confederate Flags and chowing down at IHOP and Denny's all the time.  Needless to say they're unrepresentative, a bit depressing, and, if used properly, very funny.

Here's some footage of the great Aussie/Kiwi rivalry a la FotC:
This week's episode saw Jemaine accidentally shacking up with a pretty rough Aussie broad named Keitha (who's "got a tongue like a badger's arsehole").  Of course a lot of mockery follows and the guys end up right back where they started from (just like that Maxine Nightingale song).

If that's not reason enough to watch this episode, Michel Gondry directs the episode which features a very "Be Kind Rewind" style music video.  If for some reason you can't watch the full episode, here's the music video:

Another winner from Camp Conchords.