20 February 2009

You're what the french call, "Les incompetents."

I've achieved a small victory today in (sort of) figuring out how to let readers listen to songs without having to download them. Certainly this is not impressive to anybody but me, but like I say, "Don't hate, congratulate."

Much of the music I've posted thus far is being hosted on rapidshare, which doesn't allow you to listen to songs first, so I'll have to find a better hosting site. I'll work out these kinks in no time, and then we'll be on the streaming superhighway.

I'd really like to figure out how to host the files myself or have them embedded, but this will have to do for now.


Alexe said...

As I typed the url in to read your latest installment, my roommate said to me, "Buzz.. your girlfriend.. woof." And then the page loaded and I read the subject of this. That's some weird Home Alone shit right there.

Cole said...

Most quotable movie ever. "Snakes, Snakes...I don't know no Snakes."