16 February 2009

Hall & Oates

I will forever assert that Hall & Oates are more than just a punchline or the musical equivalent to Siegfried & Roy (There is some creepy resemblance though).  Granted, both Hall and Roy have been the victims of animal attacks.  The difference is that Hall overcame Lyme Disease (which, interestingly enough, was first diagnosed by ex-girlfriend/songwriting partner Sara "Smile" Allen, who once had a bout with Lyme Disease herself) while Roy can hardly walk and part of his skull is now housed in his stomach.  True story!

Like I said, Hall & Oates are more than a punchline.  I will always stand up for their abilities.  But, they are still a punchline.  In the words of Neil Hamburger:

Why did the farmer start a punk rock band?  
He was tired of Hall N' Oates!

If that's not enough punchline for you, check out Daryl Hall's appearance in this B-Legit video:

Since we here in Sydney haven't seen the sun in 8 days and it looks like a slip and slide outside, I thought I'd offer up "Lady Rain" from 1973's Abandoned Luncheonette.  A lot of people say that Hall & Oates are nothing more than a singles band, but this is a great album from start to finish.


UncleDiss said...

Who do I talk to about getting back those 4 minutes of my life? That video was dreadful.

But you are right, Hall & Oates are awesome.

Cole said...

Can't handle the poor man's Biggie Smalls? Or Hall's use of 'homey'?