21 February 2009

Dinosaur Jr.

I just came home from work to find out that Dinosaur Jr. have just signed to Jagjaguwar. This means, with almost utmost certainty, that Dinosaur Jr. will be releasing a new album soon. What this also means, with a lot less likelihood, is that there's actually the possibility that they'll go out on the road with new labelmates Richard Youngs and Oneida and get on stage for a rousing rendition of Sheets of Easter.

Back on reality planet, it's good to know that Dinosaur Jr. have decided to actually be a band again, and that 2007's Beyond wasn't just a one-off. Dinosaur Jr. had their heyday before I was really kicking it, so I'm quite pleased that they're still puking and crying their way into our hearts. I do remember when Q101 started playing "Feel the Pain" on the radio. It was one of a few good songs that they played then and now that it's 15 years later, it's the only good song that they still play. Man, that station stinks. Anyway, I doubt the new album will be another "You're Living All Over Me," but I'm sure it'll make a few "best of" lists (mine included).

Here's a video of them playing their 15-year single "Feel the Pain" on HBO:

And here's their cover of Peter Frampton's "Show Me the Way," which was originally on "You're Living All Over Me" but I think got pulled because of copyright or something.

Dinosaur Jr. - Show Me the Way (Peter Frampton cover)