13 February 2009

DJ Shadow

I was/am a really big fan of the first two DJ Shadow albums Endtroducing... and Private Press.  These albums are heady trip-hop classics.  But I couldn't handle the left turn he took when he got into hyphy territory with The Outsider and the Bay Area EP.  Strangely enough, my favorite song in the entire DJ Shadow catalogue comes from "The Outsider".  "This Time I'm Gonna Try It My Way" is a funky soul masterpiece unlike anything else on the album.  It's more Marvin Gaye and less third-rate club banger.

When the single was released, a contest was held wherein people could submit music videos and the winner would get to choose from a selection of dead presidents.  The winning video is probably the best in quality, but I like this one for its simplicity:

A lot of them are on youtube and I encourage you to check out a few.  It's not like you can really get sick of the song...

Here's the track as well, for your aural enjoyment: