26 February 2009

Group Bombino

Sublime Frequencies has done it again- another release from the rebels of Niger. This time it's Guitars from Agadez, Volume 2, recorded by Group Bombino. Unlike the first volume, recorded by Group Inerane (which shares some members with Group Bombino), this one is half acoustic, half electric.

The first side is more folk-based and was apparently recorded in the desert with only hand claps as percussion. These acoustic songs remind me of some of those Yaala Yaala Records (Drag City imprint) releases from a couple years ago, and also some of the Lipa Kodi Ya City Council jams.

All of side 2 was recorded through generators. Side one is great in its isolation and message of hope, but side 2...damn. Raw, dirty, psychedelic, and full of life. This is powerful music, replete with messy guitars, ululating, chanting, and a strong rhythm. These songs are not exactly light listening. They have a heavy message to them, much as Fela Kuti's music did. This is music for the uprising. Again, I cannot stress enough how raw this stuff is. It's really unlike anything coming out of the western world. So, so, so good.

Group Bombino - Guitars From Agadez, Volume 2

Say it 10 times fast:
A1) Tenere
A2) Imuhar
A3) Kamoutalia
A4) Amidinine
B1) Boghassa
B2) Imouhare
B3) Issitchilane
B4) Kamu Telyat
B5) Eronafene Tihoussayene

Here's a 30 second film clip to give you an idea of how kickass this is:

There's a one time pressing of 1500 copies of this record and it's already sold out at the Sublime Frequencies website. You can still get it here, but not for much longer. Considering the first volume goes for around $100 on eBay, I'd strongly suggest grabbing a copy of this now. Even from halfway around the world I already got my grubby hands on one of these. Not to be missed!


Prince Marolo said...

This is brilliant, looks like there's a documentary about him coming out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_2OSQyjnOg

Not sure if his name is Bambino or Bombino though.