27 April 2009


Wassup? I'm all settled in at the new place. I've been getting my education and gardening on, but now that we've got the internet up and running I have something to distract me.

Rick Froberg has been at it for a while now, first with Drive Like Jehu, then with Hot Snakes, and now back with Obits. John "Speedo" Reis and Froberg parted ways after an Australian Hot Snakes tour in 2005, and last year Reis' new outfit the Night Marchers released their debut album. Now it's Froberg's turn, as Obits released I Blame You in March on Sub Pop.

Prior to this release, Obits released a 7" with a song called "One Cross Apiece". The music is less aggressive than that of his former bands, but it's got a style all its own. Judging from this track, the band is more focused on melody (albeit still obsessed with Wipers-style guitar riffs) and less on charging through tracks with gritted teeth and bloody knuckles. But just like Hot Snakes, this band does their own ass-kicking. They just use swagger instead of fury to achieve it.

Obits - Once Cross Apiece


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