06 April 2009


Boys and girls, get out your rally caps, sunflower seeds and your lucky Shawon Dunston Fleer rookie card. It's time. Starting tomorrow, housewives will start complaining about their Maury Povich being interrupted, vomit will readily appear on Lakeview sidewalks, and all the Jewish suburban diehards and fairweather fans alike will flock to Wrigley Field in a deep blue sea of disorderliness. Get ready for a season of dingers and disappointment, overpriced peanuts, and bad middle relief pitching!

The annoying sounds of Ronnie Woo Woo! (no relation to Bubb Rubb)
The mumbling curses of Ron Santo!
B-list celebrities singing the 7th Inning Stretch off-key (and 40,000 drunk morons doing the same, only a half second behind said celebrity)!

Let's GoooOOOOOO Cubbies!

The Mountain Goats - Cubs in Five


Alexe said...
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gaikokujin said...

yeah, they lost yesterday.

Cole said...

Yeah, that happens sometimes.