02 April 2009

Gang Starr/Big L

I'm not the biggest expert on hip-hop, but I've always really liked Gang Starr (as well as the other solo and collaborative works of Guru and DJ Premier). Hard to Earn has staying power.

There's this track that I've always been really into by them. It's called "Work," off Moment of Truth. It may have been the first song I heard by them, I can't really remember. It just evokes memories of watching skate videos in my friend's basement after high school.
There are two versions of the song- the album release, and then another (sometimes referred to as a remix, which it is not, and sometimes as part 2) with a verse from the late Big L. In my opinion, a little Big L (get it?--------------------->) is never a bad thing. So hostile. He only released two albums before he was killed. I don't know if I've ever heard the first one, but The Big Picture has some great songs on it- Ebonics, Flamboyant, Holdin' It Down, Platinum Plus (produced by DJ Premier)...

I'm not sure where the part 2 version was released, but here it is, for your listening pleasure.

Gang Starr feat. Big L - Work Pt. 2

And also a Big L track from The Big Picture.

Big L - Holdin' It Down


UncleDiss said...

Excellent BIG L track! Somewhere in my mess of old tapes, I've got a video for this song... Sad to lose such a talented MC though...

Cole said...

I've never seen the video- if you ever come across it, let me know.

It's definitely a shame, especially when he was about to sign with Roc-a-fella. Dude would've blown the fuck up!