21 January 2010

Weekly Records

1) The Fall - The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall
2) Loudon Wainwright III - Album I
3) Blunt Mechanic - Blunt Mechanic EP
4) Spoon - Transference
5) Squeeze - BBC Rock Hour

I'm reading this book called "1968", basically all about the different revolutions that went on around the world during that year. I may be the last person on earth to know this, but it was talking about how the non-violent protests led by Martin Luther King were predicated upon the authoritative side acting violently. Basically, they were going to towns to protest, and where mayors and police chiefs were nice/bumbling/smart, they reacted professionally and the protest received no media coverage. So MLK started targeting towns with hot-headed authorities in order to gain media coverage, and, therefore, public outcry. I.e., non-violent protests require violence. Apparently Ghandi embraced this, despite how paradoxical it is.

This has nothing to do with weekly records. Just an interesting thing I learned this week.