30 December 2009

Dismemberment Plan

Fireworks? Or terrorist attack?

Well, another year is upon us.

While I don't much care for New Year's celebrations, I do particularly like the idea of a new year, especially with graduation and potential permanent residency on the horizon for the 2010.

Now I don't much care for Christmas-themed music (because it almost always sucks), but I'll admit I get down to a few songs about the New Year. One of my personal favorites is a Dismemberment Plan track from 1997 called "The Ice of Boston". In it, Travis Morrison narrates his own New Year's experience, choosing to forego the messy Boston streets for a little naked R&R.

This song always gives me a (figurative) chuckle, and I hope it does the same for you.

03 The Ice Of Boston by regularexpress

To the year ahead!