24 January 2009

Silkworm/Crust Brothers/Bottomless Pit/Pavement

So, firstly I'd like to say that I've just moved into an internetted house, which may or may not result in more frequent updating. I can't promise anything, but it's possible that you'll start getting more of my sass talk and cynicism. Lord knows Emily isn't up to any of that (or much of anything at all), so I'm carrying the burden on my own.

I'd like to rap about Silkworm, if I may. When I first heard this band, I thought little of them. They reminded me of Pavement without the good lyrics or interesting musical shifts. Somehow I listened to enough of them to come around, and I'm certainly glad I did. Their recent output as Bottomless Pit has cemented their ability to consistently prove themselves as underrated indie rock heroes.

It turns out the link between Pavement and Silkworm is more than just stylistic similarity. Last year saw the release of the Crust Brothers' Marquee Mark, a one-off collaboration of Silkworm and Stephen Malkmus. Not only do they cover 7(!) songs from the Dylan and the Band's Basement Tapes, but there's also a cover of "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" and Skynyrd's "Tuesday's Gone." If that isn't enough, Stephen also takes vocal duties on Silkworm's "Never Met a Man I Didn't Like."

The Crust Brothers - Marquee Mark
(You can buy it here)

Also here are a few Silkworm/Bottomless Pit songs, as well as Silkworm's cover of a Pavement song.

Silkworm - Bar Ice
Silkworm - Never Met a Man I Didn't Like
Silkworm - And Then... (Pavement cover)
Bottomless Pit - Dogtag
Bottomless Pit - Repossession